About me

I am Spectrum-W. A woman who currently lives in Brazil and is trying to get into making comics/games/artwork.
The works I create have certainly been noted for their unusual tones, surreal takes, cuteness and horrifying experiences to those unitiated.
For me, the process of work itself is relaxing and it is good to create a work of art or simply a picture or something.
Amongst other things, I enjoy working on my things, playing videogames and listening to music as well as petting my cat.
I have done a few fangames of my own, and I am slowly working on releasing my first commercial game project.
Currently I am also looking for freelance work and other ventures/collaborations.

Games I have worked on:

  • Me (Yume Nikki fangame. It has gotten into a few online publications and is notable by it being amongst the first Yume Nikki fangames to be remade in a latter engine.)

  • Somnium (Yume Nikki fangame. Similarly to Me, it has gotten into a few online publications. Somnium is in fact the more original of the two even though it precedes the remake of Me.)

  • Continue/Stop/Rise (Off fangame. It has a following to this day, even!)

  • Bx: Execute (Off fangame and sequel to the above. Unlike its predecessor it utilizes an action battle system style.)

  • Unload (Off fangame and sequel to the above. While not finished, it got to a quite done state.)

  • Operation Dessert Storm (Toontown Private Server as a Concept artist at first then Head Artist later on.)

  • Cog Invasion Online (Toontown Private Server as a Concept artist)

  • Tooniversal Studios (Toontown Private Server as a Concept artist)

  • Corporate Clash (Comic Artist)

Currently working on:

  • Dye in the Sky (Commercial venture.)[hiatus]

  • Hallowed and Ground Up (Commercial venture.)

  • Yami Project (Indie game, as an animator)

  • Toontown Offline (Concept Artist)